Our Clearance Policy

Explore the MontclairMounties.com Clearance section for great deals on items from every department. Discover discounts on clothes, gear, branded items, and home comfort items. MontclairMounties.com online clearance sales provide you with the chance to save big on everything we are trying to move out and reduce our inventory to zero.

All of our Clearance items are final sale and there are no returns or exchanges for any reason. We discount items that are not selling as we would have expected, [ Ooops! at least we thought it would sell ] items we can no longer get in that style and we need to sell off our remaining inventory, if a new logo has been introduced and we have inventory we need to move out or any other reason where we need to reduce our inventory to zero on an item.

All of the products sold through the Clearance process are new. We do not sell returns, seconds or damaged goods. Those items, if any, are donated to local charities and nonprofits where they will be of some benefit.

So if you are looking for a great bargain and you are sure you are comfortable with and understand our no returns or exchanges on Clearance items policy and you want to help us recover some of our costs then you have come to the right place.

Inventory is subject to change.